Global Composites Group has developed a portfolio of patents which address key issues in the application of carbon fibre composites.

The widespread adoption of carbon fibre has been constrained by many problems including its low production rate, high cost and incompatibility with other materials which can cause unpredictable failure. GCG set out 5 years ago to develop a portfolio of technologies which address these aspects.

These technologies are now secured by in an extensive patent portfolio.

The company is seeking partners to productionise their technologies. The outcome will be novel, superior products which can be placed directly to market by the partners adding value to their business.

GCG intends to license or sell the relevant IP to a producing partner.

The market for the entire GCG technology portfolio is estimated at $500M pa.

GCG owns and has protected many radical and disruptive technologies in the Automotive, Defence and Aerospace industries.

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